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Introducing Business to Business QR Codes

Replay Vault,  the best qr generator on the internet, introduces business to business QR codes, a way for your business to generate income.

If you have a business that offeres products to people, and you want to attach a custom qr code then Replay Vault is a perfect fit.

After approval of becoming a Replay Vault Partner, you will unlock features such as a white lable websites, analytics suite, sales dashboard, custom skins, custom logos and much more.

From there you are able to issue QR Codes that are reserved for your business.  These QR codes then can be attached to your product and when your customer scans them they will be presented with payment options. As a result, your customer will enjoy all the benefits that come with being a Replay Vault customer, but your site will be white labeled in your brand name, not Replay Vault’s.

From there your customers are presented with upgrade option such as skins and social media and just like the original purchase, a portion of the sale goes to your business.

Printing or issuing QR codes that are specifically reserved for your business, makes it possible to place QR codes on your product.  When someone claims your trackable QR Code, your purchases are tracked and available on your Vault Dashboard.

Your customer will enjoy the custom colors, titles, optional password protection and have the ability to upgrade their QR Code with social media and different skins.

After your company’s branded QR codes hit the market, your customers will have the option to renew their QR codes on an annual basis and when done, your company retains a portion of the purchase.

Your first step in partnering with us is to fill our our quick online application.

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Sign-Up, Distribute, Enjoy

Replay Vault, one of the best qr code generators on the maket, is unique in the fact that we join in the sucess of your business and the first step in becoming a partner is to fill out the application!  This quick application enables us to answer any questions you have along with making sure we give you all the tools to be able to make recurring revenue!  You will unlock tools like our analytic dashboard.  Keep track of your sales, hits, and other trends.  If you dont see something that you would like let us know!  We are constaly updating the Replay Vault with new features.   Hey, thats why its one of the most feature rich QR code generator on the internet.  The application process and setup of your QR Code store usually takes only 2 days.   Click HERE to get started!


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Make bulk, trackable QR codes for your company to use on your next product.  When your customer scans the code they then build an account, and uploads their video, image or audio content.



Powerful QR Code Features

After upload, your customer has such features as:

  • Password protection
  • Title and description
  • Powerfull analytics
  • QR Code skins
  • Print or download QR Code
  • QR Code color cusimizer 
  • Social Media and Weblinks


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A Source of Revenue

Being that these QR Codes were linked to your business, now each time they renew their annual account you get paid!

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