The Magic of Fundraising With QR Codes

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The Magic of using QR Codes For Fundraising

If you’re looking to cool yearbook idea and will also act as a fundraiser look no further!  Offer to put QR codes by their picture and when scanned go to video, pictures or even audio.  The content is controlled and changeable by the person who uploaded the video for a lifetime!  The owner can change the content at anytime.  Think of it, classmates can scan any of the qr codes and get fresh content 10 years from now. 

The best part of this cool yearbook idea is that it serves as a fundraiser for your club or school.  A portion of each sale goes back to your club!  We also offer upgrades to your customer such as social media links and even custom skins if the want to print out the QR code on something else.  Your club will also make money on any upgrade which could bring in funds annually.      

Why do this?  There has been over a 98% increase in the number of interaction with QR codes in the last year alone!  It is estimated that by 2022, about 5.3 billion codes will be redeemed via QR codes.

Here is How the Fundraiser Program Works

  1. Get approved as an fundraiser.
  2. Replay Vault will create an account 
  3. Choose from several marketing flyers to customize with your school or club’s logo.
  4. Your organization will also have a QR code with an explaier video with your logo.
  5. Your customer then get a custom link in which the purchase a lifetime QR code.  This is a one time cost.  The cost is up to you.
  6. Anytime that your customer buys an upgrade or renews, you get a portion of the sale.
  7. Build a year over year reveenue stream with the unique yearbook fundraising idea!

Get started by filling out our short fundraiser application or send us an email with any questions! 


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Sign-Up, Distribute, Enjoy

Replay Vault, is unique in the fact that we join in the sucess of your business and the first step in becoming a partner is to fill out the application!  This quick application enables us to answer any questions you have along with making sure we give you all the tools to be able to make recurring revenue!  You will unlock tools like our analytic dashboard.  Keep track of your sales, hits, and other trends.  If you dont see something that you would like let us know!  We are constaly updating the Replay Vault with new features.   Hey, thats why its one of the most feature rich QR code generator on the internet.  The application process and setup of your QR Code store usually takes only 2 days.   Click HERE to get started!


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QR Codes on Anything

In this example, a customer made a framed pierce of art.  Its an NFT with a QR Code from Replay Vault.  Now look at the options your customer has!


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Powerful QR Code Features

After upload, your customer has such features as:

  • Password protection
  • Title and description
  • Powerfull analytics
  • QR Code skins
  • Print or download QR Code
  • QR Code color cusimizer
  • Social Media and Weblinks


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A Source of Revenue

Being that these QR Codes were linked to your business, now each time they renew their annual account or do any upgrade you get paid!

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