Win with QR Code Trophies

QR Code Trophies

Written by Alex

QR code trophies connect the trophy with special events


Congratulations on the trophy you just won!  How did you win it?  Amazing shot? Achieve a personal record? There are all sorts of reasons that your award holds a special memory for you.  What happens when it goes on that shelf or wall right along with the others you have collected throughout your life?  If you’re like most people they collect dust or an occasional person may start a conversation about your amazing achievement.  Wouldn’t it be nice to show them how you won it?  Introducing the QR code trophy.

Let’s put a QR code on it

Replay Vault QR codes enable you to link videos, images, and even audio to your medals, trophies, and other awards. All you have to do is scan the QR code to view the content!  It’s fully customizable with colors, size, background, and headers/footers.  If you want to add a level of security simply add a password!

Do more with your QR code

  • All of our QR codes are dynamic!  Even the 3 free QR codes we give with every account!
  • No website needed- If you have a website great but Replay Vault has its own media player.
  • Upload video, audio, and pictures to your QR code.  Powerful features such as autoplay, and password protection are only some of the great options.
  • Customize your QR code.
    • Change colors of different parts of the QR code
    • Upload a company logo to the QR code
    • Custom headers and footers to your QR code.  Upload company logos or special messages.
    • Custom skins – Take your QR code to the next generation with background images on your QR code.
  • Unlimited Scans – No limits to the number of QR code scans like most competitors.
  • Priced with the consumer in mind.  Take a look around at other generators and you will be amazed by our low prices!

A QR Code Trophy Example

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words but in this case, a video may be.  The QR code to the right was attached to a trophy that was won after a fantastic basketball finals game.  The excitement can never be duplicated unless you had a video.  Let’s take a look at a trophy QR code used by West Boca Basketball…  Scan now!Game Winner shot1

Are you an award company?


    “I love the idea of a QR Code being attached to an Award!  How can I make money at it?”  Well, we understand that upselling a QR code is new to the industry but, we are here to help!  To fully understand the benefits you must first understand redeemable QR codes and claimable QR codes.  This is the magic that enables you to own a QR code, sell it, and then have another person own it.  The next step is to fill out an affiliate application and email us with any questions!


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