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Written by Alex

QR Codes For Real Estate Agents Gets A Face Lift

QR Codes for real estate agents aren’t a new thing.  From more QR code generator websites you get a QR code and put a logo in and bam, you send them over to a website.  Typically we see a real estate website that needs to be updated with the latest properties from the website designer which takes days, months, or may not even happen.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have the latest pictures, videos, social media links, and info on the same QR code?

The Latest QR Code Generator For Real Estate

Replay Vault is a QR Code generator that offers tons of options that you won’t find with other companies.  Our motto is “Do More With Your QR Code” and the days of QR Codes being aesthetically boring and nonfunctional are over.  Let’s first take a look at the QR Code itself.  We offer a Dynamic QR Code Generator that offers tons of flexibility.  Sure upload your logo to your QR code but also put a background image in the QR code as well!  Change colors per area and even change the opaqueness.  It’s all up to you.Real Estate

QR Code Generator With No Website Needed

Replay Vault is not only a powerful QR code generator, but it also serves as a flexible QR code webpage.  You don’t need to have any knowledge of website design, just the ability to upload videos, images, and even audio.  The way that most real estate agents use it is simply taking video footage, promo videos, and images and simply selecting the upload function.  From there you can print out or digitally share your QR code.  We also recommend you brand your QR code webpage with your company logo in the header and footer to maximize your customers’ experience.

A Dynamic QR Code Lets You Change Content

Great job, you sold the last house and now you want to change it to another property.  Being that it’s a dynamic QR code you are always able to change the content with a couple of clicks.   You also have access to powerful features such as an image rotator, autoplay, and “Listings” which enables a table of contents for customers to easily browse all the properties you have to offer.

Social Media QR Codes, A Perfect Match

A big difference with most QR code generators out there is that you can have multiple “links”.  Look at these popular portal links that are included:

Facebook QR Code

Twitter QR Code

Twitch QR Code

YouTube QR Code

LinkedIn QR Code

Discord QR Code

Instagram QR Code

Only Fans QR Code

We are constantly adding new social media and custom links.  If you don’t see one just send us an email!

Free QR Code Generator To Try, Inexpensive QR Code Generator To Stay

Take a look at the world’s most powerful QR code generator for a 14-day free trial and there is No Credit Card needed!  Check out our extremely competitive pricing, and always remember with Replay Vault you Can Do More With Your QR Code!

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