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Written by Alex

Put QR codes on products that haven’t been sold yet


A unique feature of Replay Vault is that we offer our Affiliate Partners a way to issue claimable QR codes.  These QR codes are created by you, the affiliate, usually in a batch, and then can be placed on products for people to see and ultimately claim.  The person to claim it would be the first person to scan the QR code, create an account, and then select “claim QR code”.  From there they would be able to upload video, audio, and even images. Since this QR code was made by you, the affiliate, you would receive a portion of the sale.  Being that the QR code industry has never seen a product like this it’s best to give you an example or two of its power.

The Claimable QR Code

Let’s say you own a trophy shop and you received an order from your local youth basketball organization.  You want to offer the parents a unique experience where the end result would be that a person could scan the QR code and see images, videos, and audio associated with the championship trophy that the child won!  The issue is that the trophy manufacturer doesn’t know who is going to win the trophy so,  enter in a claimable QR code by Replay Vault! The trophy shop simply prints out a bulk QR code sheet (Avery templates are included), places them on the trophies, and when the trophies are distributed a parent would then scan the QR code, create an account, claim it and then upload their favorite videos!  Again, being that this QR code was issued from your affiliate account you sit back and collect the money!big sale qr code

There are hundreds of ideas you can use a bulk QR code generator for with the feature of claimable QR codes.  Let’s look at another example.  Your small business sells greeting cards on Etsy and you want to add a feature that allows you to upload your favorite memories to a QR code.  You then issue 1000 QR codes from the bulk code creator and save the digital file of each unique QR code to your creation and print it.  You have now created a QR code greeting card in which the first person to scan it will be able to upload their moments by creating an account, selecting how much space they want and you collect the revenues.  Another feature that the customer enjoys is the ability to update the content of the QR code at any time.  Each year they will be billed the annual rate and you as an affiliate get compensated again.

The Benefits of a Calimable QR Code With Replay Vault

Not all QR Codes are created equal.  Our basic QR code generator offers these features:

  • Color generator
  • Upload center logo
  • Custom header and footer on the affiliate page
  • Bulk QR code generator
  • Customer text
  • Upload custom greeting video
  • Make reoccuring revenue

Still have questions?  Feel free to email us or go ahead and fill out the free application to apply for your affiliate account with Replay Vault!



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