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Written by Alex

Redeemable QR Codes – The Ultimate Add-on Sale




To fully understand the power of a redeemable QR code you must first understand the value of a QR code generator like Replay Vault.  Replay Vault’s slogan is, “Do More With Your QR Code” and there are some basic functionality we bring to the QR code marketplace.


What is Replay Vault?

  • All of our QR codes are dynamic!  Even the 3 free QR codes we give with every account!
  • No website needed- If you have a website great but Replay Vault has its own media player.
  • Upload video, audio, and pictures to your QR code.  Powerful features such as autoplay, and password protection are only some of the great options.
  • Customize your QR code.
    • Change colors of different parts of the QR code
    • Upload a company logo to the QR code
    • Custom headers and footers to your QR code.  Upload company logos or special messages.
    • Custom skins – Take your QR code to the next generation with background images on your QR code.
  • Unlimited Scans – No limits to the number of QR code scans like most competitors.
  • Priced with the consumer in mind.  Take a look around at other generators and you will be amazed by our low prices!

What’s Unique

A unique feature of Replay Vault is that we offer our Affiliate Partners a way to issue redeemable QR codes.  These QR codes are created by you, the affiliate, with custom graphics, colors, and text below and above the code.  Upon creation, you will be issued a redemption code that upon a user being logged in (they must create an account) may be used to upload video, audio, and even images. Since this QR code was made by you, the affiliate, you would receive a portion of the sale.  Being that the QR code industry has never seen a product like this it’s best to give you an example of its power.

The Redeemable QR Code

Let’s say you own a custom greeting card company in which you use Etsy as your primary way to get business.  You want to have an add-on sale for your customers in which upon opening their greeting card they would also be presented with a QR code.  The recipient of the card scans it and up pops a video and pictures that the giver of the card had uploaded.  As the affiliate of Replay Vault, you simply create the QR code and customize the color, size, and logo and then charge the customer for the QR code.  You will be given a redemption code that you would give (email/printout) to your customer.  Upon the customer using the redemption code, ownership with then transfer to them however it is still linked to your affiliate account for tracking.  You can also give a digital copy of the QR code to the customer to use on other objects.


A Great Fundraiser

Another great example is that of a yearbook committee that sells yearbooks.  Forget the baby pictures and other worn-out ideas. Sell QR codes allowing parents and students to have a QR code with their picture.  In this example the person who bought the QR code with use the redemption code and then upload videos, pictures, and audio.  Maybe a congratulations video!  The student would be able to upload the content whenever they want.

Recurring Revenue QR Code

Being that the QR codes that you issue are linked to your affiliate account, Replay Vault pays a position of the sale to you.  In the second year, Replay Vault takes over the billing of the customer.  You as an affiliate are still entitled to a portion of the sale.

Not all QR Codes are created equal.

Our basic QR code generator offers these features:

  • Color generator
  • Upload center logo
  • Custom header and footer on the affiliate page
  • Bulk QR code generator
  • Customer text
  • Upload custom greeting video
  • Make recurring revenue

Still have questions?  Feel free to email us or go ahead and fill out the free application to apply for your affiliate account with Replay Vault!






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