QR Codes On Headstones

QR Codes On Headstones

Written by Alex

Relive Memories By Using A QR Code on Headstones or Obituary

Sometimes all you ever need is to have a look at videos or pictures of your loved ones who have passed away. Thanks to QR codes we can now offer their digital legacy online to share with others. QR codes have been a part of our lives for a long time, but it is only now that initiatives have been taken to include these QR codes too much bigger meanings. QR code generation companies like Replay Vault help you replay your memories with just a few clicks. Companies like such help you do that by generating your personalized QR codes.

You can now honor your loved ones who have died by creating QR codes on headstones or obituaries for them. Here’s how it can all work out:

Let’s first take a quick look at the process. You make a custom QR code in which you are able to upload video, images, and even audio. This media content is not a 3rd party video distribution like YouTube but rather housed on a secure Vault Server and this content can be locked so that a person scanning the QR code would need to have the password. This QR code would also have a custom header on your personal website page (possibly with the name of the recently deceased) and then simply upload the content that you wish to share. This content can be changed at any time as it is a dynamic QR code. Because your QR code is digital you can get it to a quality print shop that can engrave it on a sturdy metal plate and fix it to the headstone. If you are a printer or someone that is in the business please make sure to look at our affiliate page to see how to sell QR codes on items. Scan the QR code here for a demonstration. Headstone 1

How to make QR codes on headstones?

You can see clips or audio of your loved ones who have passed away by simply scanning a QR code. The result, in the end will be meaningful for you and your family for generations to come. All you need to do is create a small clip for this idea to come to life. That clip can be however long you want. It can include audio clips of your deceased loved one. Or it can be a collection of all the happy moments of that person with you.

After that, you will simply upload and scan. The QR code will then be displayed over the headstones of your deceased one. You can then simply scan that QR code through your phone. And have a clip of their voice or memories displayed right in front of you whenever you want.

These stones act as living headstones and give not only you but everyone who knew the person that passed away a chance. A chance to relive all the happy moments. You cannot find any better way to honor your dead loved ones through these QR codes for headstones.

You also customize QR Code headstones for your deceased pets:

Some pets become like family. You can also get these for your pets who have passed away. For example, if your dog has passed away. You can collect his pictures from the first time he stepped foot into your life to his last days with you. And then put them all in one clip. After getting in touch with Replay Vault, which specializes in QR codes generation you can make your very own customized QR codes that play your memories in just a few touches. This QR code can then be printed or even engraved and put on a pet headstone, pet urn, or box.

A small act like making customized QR codes to replay the memories of the deceased is a great way to show your affection towards them. Other than that, it also helps people trespassing get an insight into the life of the person whose gravestone they are looking at. This then adds more meaning to their life and memories that they enjoyed! This way is the sweetest way to invite more people in to celebrate the lives of the pets who passed away.

How can Replay Vault help make this process easier for you?

Replay Vault is a QR code generation company that can serve you in more ways than one. It has helped countless people honor the lives of their loved ones by generating customized QR codes. Not only can they make QR codes just for you. They also make sure that the process remains as hurdle-free as possible.

They make sure that the result of the custom QR code is nothing but perfection. So that people can replay their memories anytime, they want. Replay Vault deals with all kinds of things regarding QR codes in the most professional and efficient way possible!

Are you in the monument engraving business?

Not all QR codes are created equal.  Most free ones just go to websites and then that is the only use.  With a Replay Vault QR code not only can you upload content and customize the branding, you can also sell QR codes with a redeemable and claimable option as an affiliate partner.  Learn more on our blog site!


On some days, you want to listen to the voices of your loved ones who have passed away. This helps you go through your day and also gives you peace. With the help of QR codes, that’s possible now. QR codes have made our lives better in so many ways.

They help bring ease to simple things such as shopping. And in this case, they help us relive our moments with our loved ones in just seconds. What better way to honor the life and memories you’ve made with your people than through scanning QR codes? Technology has made our lives easy in so many ways, and QR codes are an example of that!

This method is relatively new, and only a few people have opted for it. Sooner or later, this idea of scanning QR codes to replay the memories of your loved ones will become more common than expected! And it’s all because of the beautiful meaning these QR codes can add to our lives!

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