Business Cards With QR Codes – The Ultimate Marketing Machine

business card with qr code

Written by Alex

Business Cards With QR Codes – The Best Way To Market Your Company.

Traditional business cards have been the norm to give out your contact information and to try to generate leads.  Phone number, email address, website and maybe your mailing address are all common pieces of information to have on them.  But as your company’s offerings change, your website content needs to be updated often and you may not know how to change your website.  What a mess!

Imagine having a business card with qr code on it, where your customer can scan and see your video, social media and marketing content all without the need of having a website.  Content can also be changed or added as your marketing needs change!

Marketing QR Code

Business cards have experienced such a vast increase in popularity that around 10 billion of them are printed in the US alone. With business cards being exchanged in such a vast amount, you need yours to stand out and to help you achieve that, Replay Vault has the easiest way for you to own a QR code and easily update content with a couple of taps for your finger, and all without the need to own a website.

How Replay Vault QR Code Works On Business Cards:

You know that business cards are massively exchanged in the professional world, and to make your business card stand out, you can use a Replay Vault QR code on it, but it’s also essential to learn how these QR codes will actually work in your business cards and make it better.

So basically, Replay Vault is a custom QR code generator that allows you to generate endless QR codes. You can generate a custom QR code and attach whatever link or media you want. Once successfully generated, you can easily print this QR code on your business card for people to scan and reach you easily.

We know that you are thinking, that you will need to have a website to attach all these links and media, but not with Replay Vault. This is because Replay Vault, upon creating a QR code, gives you a storage space on its secured online servers. You can upload anything that you want for your QR code to display here, making the whole process much easier. So no matter if you want to place your business details on your business card or want to showcase your range of products, the Replay Vault QR code can do it all for you.

Quite an impressive service, right? You must be thinking that these QR codes will take a toll on your pocket, but they will not. Built to be economical and affordable for common people, the Replay Vault will only charge you for the space that you take upon its online server and nothing for everything else.

Benefits of Replay Vault QR Codes On Business Cards:QR Code Business Card

Now that you have understood how Replay Vault has designed a system where you can create the best business cards and make it easier for people to reach you, it’s time to learn about the different benefits of using a Replay Vault QR code on a business card brings with itself.

  • Helps You Tell More About Yourself:

A business card is designed to fit inside wallets, which is why it is designed to be super small. With a small size, it’s difficult for you to print in all the information you want on the business card. Due to a small size, you may not be able to print extra phone numbers, an alternative address, or just pictures of your business/achievements.

Using Replay Vault QR codes on your business card will allow you to include all of this important information on your business card since you can just simply include all of this inside your QR code.

  • Saves Printing Costs:

A lot of people like printing small photos of their business or products onto their business cards, an addition of photos on business cards increases the cost of printing them, thus costing you a lot.

Using Replay Vault, you can add all the photos you want onto your QR code, and then anyone that has your business card can easily view them, thus allowing you to print cheaper, smaller, and cost-effective business cards.

  • Fully Customizable:

Replay Vault breaks the norm of those dull black and white QR codes we see on different products and allows you to create a custom QR code; thus, you can create an attractive QR code that matches your branding color schemes and allows marketing with QR codes.

You can add different customizations such as your own background color, your own text, and even make a QR code with a logo, thus making Replay Vault the perfect option for your business card.

  • Grow Social Media Following:

In this growing age of technology and distraction, marketing your business is difficult, which is why it’s essential to do it through unique ways such as using QR codes for it. When talking about marketing ideas with QR codes, what can be a better one than linking your social media pages to it.

With social media being the primary place to market your business these days, you need to increase your following on it, and by using QR codes, you can do just that.


When designing or printing business cards, you should always keep in mind that the business card is not just a mere card but is something that will represent you to the other person, which is why it is always essential to create a business card that makes a strong impression on the other person and by using Replay Vault QR code, you can achieve that. Hoping you understood the significance and benefits of QR codes on business cards and will look forward to printing one on yours too.

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