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The Best Yearbook Ideas

Yearbooks have existed for quite a long time now, and it will not be wrong to say that they are one of the most beautiful and vivid memories of our school and college times. From skimming through the pages trying to find your photo being published to reading about your favorite events and all the sports tournaments your school played and won. The yearbook indeed is a great way to summarize the academic year and bring back all the memories.

Yearbooks have, are, and will be cherished by students all over the world. To further enhance the value that yearbooks bring into student life, the QR code generator Replay Vault is here with one of the coolest yearbook ideas. QR codes in yearbooks. Using Replay Vault QR codes inside your yearbook would allow you to store audio, pictures, and videos of each particular event, thus allowing every student to simply scan the QR code and relive that memory again. Quite a unique idea, right? It indeed is one of the best yearbook ideas; let’s learn more about it. It gets better.

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Yearbook Ideas that keep you engaged

Replay Vault, being a leading QR code generator, offers a unique QR code service. What the company does is that it allows your yearbook staff to reserve and sell QR codes to parents and students. Then redemption codes are then shared with the purchaser to upload video, audio, and photos that will last a lifetime. The QR codes are then printed in the yearbook and are scannable bringing your content to life. If the purchaser wants to change the content at any point, no problem! The best part is that users do not need to have their own website for uploading media files since Replay Vault will provide them with secure storage on Replay Vaults servers and keeps your content private.

Now using QR codes in your yearbook will give you the option to place a code with each event page you want and upload media files such as pictures and videos of that event. Students who have the yearbook will easily be able to scan these QR codes through their mobile phones and watch the uploaded content. This will make the yearbook much more immersive and exciting for them to read.

Benefits of Replay Vault QR codes inside your Yearbook:

The fact that Replay Vault breaks the conventional idea of QR codes only being used in products and lets you use them in things such as your yearbook is amazing. Now that you know how Replay Vault QR codes would work inside your yearbook, it’s time to learn about all the benefits that it will bring with itself.

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A Living Yearbook

Now that you know you can upload all sorts of media to the secure vault it’s important to know that the owner of the account can change or add to the content at any time. Imagine opening up your yearbook to scan a QR code and finding out what your classmates are up to! Owners will also have the option as an upgrade (we talk about this later) to add social media links and other features.

Many other ideas come from our schools such as having a parent record a special message to their student, friends buying a Qr code to upload all their favorite memories of them in which they chose to protect using a password to gain access. The possibilities are truly endless.


Using QR Codes As a Fundraiser

For qualifying organizations, Replay Vault offers a truly unique way to fundraise. When your parent/student purchases your organization will receive a percentage of the proceeds. Also, your user will have access to small inexpensive upgrades such as social media links, skins, and even the ability to have more server space for large uploads. Again, a percentage of these proceeds go right back to your organization. If you are ready to get started, contact us by clicking HERE

  • Save Printing Costs:

A conventional yearbook or magazine is around the size of an A4 paper and contains only around 100-300 pages. This small size and number of pages limit you; thus, you can only print a limited amount of text and pictures. However, the Replay Vault QR code will solve this problem.

Using Replay Vault QR code, you can place a separate QR code for every event and competition and print it onto their respective pages. Inside the QR code, you can enter as much text and media as you want, thus increasing the media content of your yearbook and making it much more interesting.

  • More Printing Costs Savings:

A school or college contains thousands of students, and printing yearbooks in such a large volume requires a yearbook fundraiser and large amounts of money. As you increase the number of pages in your yearbook, the cost of printing also increases.

Replay Vault QR codes help you lower this cost since you can decrease the number of pages by uploading extra text and photos onto the QR code. Doing this will decrease the number of pages and save you tons of money. Sounds like a great deal, right?

  • Custom Design each QR code:

We have all seen conventional QR codes printed on different products. They are black and white and seem pretty boring. However, this is not the case with Replay Vaults QR codes. Their QR codes are entirely customizable, allowing you to design your QR code in any way you want.

You can include your own background color, logo, skins and text inside your QR code. This allows you to make a separate QR code for each event and not compromise the look of your magazine.

  • Ability to Change and Edit Content:

If you are worried about the fact that you might end up uploading the wrong content on a QR code or that you will want to upload more content on a QR code, even after the yearbook is distributed, then worry not because Replay Vault has a solution for this. We call it Dynamic Content. Replay Vault, with its QR codes, offers you the ability to easily change and edit the content on your QR code, making it completely dynamic.

On which Pages should I use the Replay Vault QR codes?

This is one of the most common questions we get, and well, the answer to it is basically any page you want. However, if you are still confused about which pages you should place the QR codes at, then here are a few tips that will help you use these QR codes creatively and effectively.

  • Assign a Separate QR code Event Page:

Big events constitute a whole lot of different things, and to place and describe them all in one or two pages of a yearbook, indeed, is difficult, which is why we would suggest you assign a separate QR code to each big event.

  • Make one QR code that contains all Extra Pictures:

Since a yearbook can only have a limited amount of pictures, you can upload all the extra pictures on a separate QR code and place that QR code at the end of the yearbook so students can easily access all the photos that are left out.


Yearbooks are indeed an essential part of our school and college life, and using these Replay Vault QR codes will make this memory even more beautiful. We hope you correctly understood the working and applications of Replay Vault’s QR codes and will look forward to making a QR Code yearbook.

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