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QR Code Marketing

Written by Alex

Marketing back in the day was quite easy. All marketers had to do was to buy television advertisements, and since people had no choice but to watch those ads, their product became visible. Moreover, these ads used to be quite effective since they paid for themselves and made great sales. However, marketing your product or service in this era isn’t as easy as it once used to be.

Now, the primary marketing medium is the internet, and unlike televisions, it is full of interruptions and gives people a thousand reasons not to watch the ads that you have uploaded on the internet. This is what a whole lot of business owners fail to understand, and they keep on draining their money down in online and social adverts that give their brand little to no recognition.

This proves that to be recognized, remembered and cherished by your customers, it is essential to bring about creative marketing tactics, and that is precisely what we have for you. Ever heard of QR codes? Well, who hasn’t? They are everywhere; there are QR code on business cards and did you see the Super Bowl ad for Coinbase? There was so much traffic, it caused their app to crash. But have you ever heard of marketing with QR codes for businesses? Sounds unique, right? Well, Replay Vault offers your business just that.

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Market with QR Codes For Businesses

According to data obtained by many different researchers, the popularity of QR codes has sky-rocketed over the last two years. This is because companies have started placing QR codes on their products, thus making it easy for customers to reach them.

Most businesses, in their QR codes, place links to their product, their contact information, their websites and available discounts. This allows the business to communicate more information about themselves and their products to their consumers. Apart from using these codes on their products, many companies also use advertising QR codes on their billboards and brochures, thus allowing them to communicate a lot about their business through a small bracket of code. This makes QR codes an excellent and cost-effective way to market your business.

What Replay Vault does is that it further enhances QR code product marketing and takes it to the next level by integrating newer features and options into it.

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How Replay Vault further enhances QR code marketing

Being an amazing QR code generator, Replay Vault understands the rising trend of QR codes, which is why the company has developed an amazing product and service alongside it. To further explain the benefits of marketing through Replay Vault’s QR codes, we have listed them down below.

No website required:

While having a website is something that is important for every business, but not when using the services of Replay Vault. This is because Replay Vault offers its customers secure servers where they can upload all information, media and videos that they want to store into their QR code, thus letting them perform QR code marketing without having a website.

Unlimited Free QR codes:

Using Replay Vault for your QR code needs, you will never have to pay for creating new QR codes. This means that you will be able to generate as many QR codes as you want for your QR code product marketing and only pay for the storage that you get on Replay Vault’s secure servers.

Dynamic content:

Considering the fact that businesses make constant moves such as creating new advertisements, bringing in new products and moving into better offices, Replay Vault has designed its QR codes in a way that allows for you to change the content your QR code shows whenever you want it to.

Thus, you can upload things such as links, new advertisements, sales that you offer and information about new products onto your QR code and communicate with your consumers effectively.

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Freedom to use custom branding colors, logos, and skins:

If you are someone that has a good observation, you might have noticed that many products out there have a basic QR code that’s printed onto the very corner of the packaging. This conventional QR code being black and white, affects the look and branding of your product.

Replay Vault understands this problem which is why it offers you the option to customize your own QR code according to your branding colors. This means that you can place your own logo, background color and custom text into the QR code. This will make your QR code look attractive and settle nicely with your packaging. Add a custom skin to make it stand out even more. Some examples are holiday skins, special event skins, and just plain fun skins!

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Ability to place your QR code on anything:

Once you generate a QR code on the Replay Vault’s QR code generator, you can easily download it, send it to other people, print it in all sizes, thus enabling you to use your advertising QR code on all of your products and packaging no matter their size.


To make your business survive in this era of constant distractions and countless advertisements, you got to have newer and more exciting ways to attract, engage, and remind your customer about your business. These custom QR codes by Replay Vault do just that.

Using these QR codes on your products and packaging will surely take your marketing to the next level by constantly reminding your customers about your business and products.   Learn more by heading over to the Business Center.

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